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one kind word can warm three winter months.
beginning is easy. continuing is hard.
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18th-Feb-2014 09:14 pm - [sticky post] fic community @ ginkofish + friending
yeah, i'll be posting my fics on ginkofish from now on bc organization + I'd like to keep only personal posts on here from now on. u___u

comm is open for membership and anonymous comments are enabled, but I ask you to please not redistribute or translate without giving proper credit! otherwise I won't mind much because who can stop people from spreading stuff like viruses.

moving onto other stuff......

feel free to friend me, but don't expect me to friend back unless we've spoken to each other at some occasion or I was the one who first showed interest and... would like to have more chingus..... u_____u
15th-Feb-2014 07:54 pm - drabble dump

requested prompt fics from AFF/Skype

[bigstar] baram/feeldog
* PG
* highschool au
* 475w
* for RandoMindeD

Wistful and out-of-reach cockaignes fill his mindCollapse )


[infinite] sunggyu/dongwoo
* PG
* coffee shop w/ mentions of gangs au
* 430w
* for RandoMindeD

"Hey," comes Sunggyu's voice, mellow and stress-free, "you look like shit. As usual."Collapse )


[bigbang] g-dragon/top
* PG (ver minor angst!!)
* implied character death
* ~250w
* for my lame-ass friend Shino lmao xoxo

He thought he'd hear of this earlierCollapse )

9th-Feb-2014 10:28 pm - #1 .p (admiration)

I'd rather watch someone I admire from a distance.

Read more...Collapse )

7th-Dec-2013 12:46 pm - Version Chanyeol
Title: Version Chanyeol
Length: Drabble (526w)
Pairing: strangers Kyungsoo/Chanyeol, hinted Chanyeol/Baekhyun
Rating: PG
Genre: start of a friendship(?!?!)
Summary: Kyungsoo's nonexistent and helps a klutz.

With a pang of sadness, though, Kyungsoo was nowhere to be found.Collapse )
5th-Oct-2013 04:31 pm - nonexistant subject
only when i got something worthy of update - most likely either personal essays not-for-public, rants, or simply fics.

feel free to friend me. anonymous comments are on if staying faceless makes you feel content. not much activity right now, probably in the future. for now, i might leave comments here and there if i'm too lazy to switch accounts.

- ginko
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